MyRaynesPark is a community arts festival, run by the local churches. Every summer we organise a Raynes Park festival for the residents of SW20, helping to celebrate arts and culture within our community. Events are chosen that fit with our values:

  • (Uniting) Community
  • (Celebrating) Culture
  • (Promoting) Justice
  • (Inspiring) Faith
  • (Enriching) Wellbeing

Partner churches include; Be Church, Cafe Church, Doxa Deo, Dundonald Church, Dundonald Congregational Church, Raynes Park Community Church, Raynes Park Methodist Church and Sacred Heart. RPCC was a founding partner member of this Raynes Park Festival, and we’re excited about helping celebrate life in SW20.

This summer the Festival will run from 5-14 June 2015, and the theme is Are You Sitting Comfortably… Let’s Begin. For more information visit our website:





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